Peer-to-peer lending platform in Cryptocurrency and Fiat

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P2P lending in Russia and Estonia. PayDay loans. Release of virtual cards. Lending in cryptocurrency.

May 2018:
Development, testing and launch of P2P lending product in Russia:

  • Web version of the platform (l.k. borrowers and lenders, rules, contact and service information)
  • IOS and Android mobile apps for borrowers
  • Telegram bot for investors
  • Integrating the frontend part with a single accounting system developed earlier
  • Assitance on setting up of Bitcoin wallets: Refer

The opening of P2P lending platforms in Spain and Latvia. Issuing plastic cards with a credit limit for regular customers.

November 2018:
The project is launched in Spain on the basis of the product in Estonia.

January 2019:
Build a system of acceptance, delivery and activation of plastic cards for current borrowers.

February 2019

Scaling the model, opening an office in the UK. Launching a debt restructuring program for regular customers. Receiving an EMI license.

Loans for small and medium-sized businesses, a system of cross-border payments. Venture capital.Crowdfunding.

May 2019:
The development of a lending system for small and medium-sized businesses is based on the mortgaged n 1. Technical capabilities.

July 2019:
Development of crowdfighting site and integration of new product into Inspir ecosystem for transproject data use.

ICO details


Name: INSP

Starting price: 1 INSP = $1

Destination: Inspeer Token is the right to receive a portion of Inspeer's distributed profits.

Payment structure

Every 6 months, 20% of Inspeer's net profit is transferred to a specific Ethereum wallet (ETH). ETH is then redistributed to all Inspeer Token holders in accordance with the terms of the smart contract. All token holders are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with their shares.

Total stock

50 000 000. Tokens that will not be sold during the ICO will be destroyed. The token offer will be terminated if the ICO's maximum goal of $30 million is achieved. Once listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, these tokens can be exchanged on any trading platform. There are several cryptocurrency Exchanges across the world and its regulations differs from country to country. Investors in the United Kingdom can use the best cryptocurrency exchange UK guide to find the finest exchanges for successful trading.

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  • 11 Dec. 17 Dec.
    15% bonus
  • 18 Dec. 1 Jan.
    10% bonus
  • 1 Jan. 15 Jan.
    5% Bonus

additionally Depending on the amount of investment

  • $1,001 to $5,000
    5% bonus
  • from $5,001 or more
    10% bonus

Executive team

The Edweisers

Mass Media

«It is a rare chance that the lending industry is getting shaken, it is no longer the banks who monopolize the market. It is going to be a way fairer game for all parties.»

SOFT CAP 2,000,000 INSP
28.000 0.015 500,000.000